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Mens Dance Shoes

Mens dance shoes for your dance classes are harder to find, both in store and online. The reason for this is that the dance industry has become focused on its larger demographic. Whilst this may well be unfair, it is perhaps understandable that business will chase its largest customer base. This is great news for women out there, but leaves men somewhat out in the cold when it comes to dance wear. That’s why this article is dedicated entirely to mens dance shoes.

  • The problem is that dancing is still not widely accepted as a masculine pursuit. Until that changes, this site is happy to dedicate a good portion of its time to drawing specific attention to mens dance attire, and not just womens wear.
  • Mens dance shoes come in a vast range of styles, depending on the dance discipline. I want to run through some of the major dance disciplines, highlighting key aspects of the dance shoe from a mans perspective.

Mens ballroom dance shoes are either elegant or old fashioned, depending on who you ask. They are almost always black, and generally have a bit of a heel on them – but typically not much more than an inch. The upper is generally leather, whilst the soles should be a good quality suede. Suede soles are important as they give good natural grip on the polished hardwood floors of ballrooms. Without this grip, a typical formal looking shoe would slip around like it were on icce. These are suitable for all kinds of ballroom dancing, whether its tango, salsa or rhumba. In saying that, you can buy mens salsa dance shoes and tango shoes, these often come with a higher heel of around 2 inches (commonly referred to as the ‘Cuban heel’).

Mens swing dance shoes fit largely into this description  although the styling often harks back to the swinging 1920s, and they hey day of swing. This look is particularly dapper, and can be very eye catching.

Looking after mens dance shoes

Care should be taken with dance shoes, if for no other reason than they cost quite a lot of money. Many mens dance shoes will come with a wire brush to help you clean and maintain the suade sole of your shoe. Indeed it is the sole that must be cared for the most, since it is the part of the shoe that will wear out. Regular brushing will help keep it in good condition.  Perhaps it will go without saying, but dance shoes should not be worn outside as this would be a sure fire way to damage the precious soles of your shoes.Where to buy mens dance shoes.  As I said at the start of this article, mens dance shoes are harder to find than womens dance shoes. In the US, you will be able to get them in larger specialist stores which are common in larger cities and towns. But elsewhere, in the UK for example,  you may need to buy your mens dance shoes online.

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